Arctic cat 400 starts but wont stay running

By whityJanuary 23, in General Discussion. It's back firing and will not idol at all. If i feather the throttle it will run but back fires through the carb and exhaust.

I'm at a loss. Checked the compresion and it has psi each side,Cleaned the carb a second time and still the same. Anyone have any ideas cause I'm out. It may be reeds,if that sled has reeds. Reeds can also get damaged by backfiring thru intake. I wonder if this motor had trouble before? Did you hear it run before you bought it? Stale gas could be another possibilty.

I'll takeaa look at the carb boot and add some fresh gas. The machine had a tree on it from the tornado. Motor dosn't have reeds. I'll check that as well. Thanks to everyone for your advise.

I'll keep checking in for other iteas but I will start from here. One thing I just remembered. After everything was properly hooked up.

I had to pressurize the feul tank to get the gas past the feul pump. The pump didn't seem to want to moove the gas till it was primed past the pump. So I guess my question is could I have a bad feul pump and it's just not pumping enough? Whenever I have seen that as a problem, It has shown up as a bog. Do you have any history on the motor? Did they swap out a stator?

For the most part fuel pumps fail or work I havent seen many "weak" ones. You could also pull the line off the carbs,pull the plugs and check for flow by cranking the motor over. Fuel should spew like bad porn if the pump is working properly. It Happened to Mattthecat on the trails. After the bowls are full it does run perfect for about 30 to 45 seconds. Hit the throttle and choke and it pick back up but starts to back fire.

Cleaned the carb Again, Bypassed the throttle safty switch, added clean gas, changed the throttle cogs on the bars they were worn, changed the pulse line to the fuel pump.The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below. To post to our forums, please register. Alaska Outdoors Supersite offers several membership levels.

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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I just bought an 08 arctic cat and it worked great the first 2 times i rode it but now it wont idle, it just dies.

arctic cat 400 starts but wont stay running

Im going to take it in as its still under warrenty but i was just wondering if anybody else had problems with their arctic cats. Tags: None. Cresent Hills. The automatic choke set up is the suspect in my opinion. The dealer in Big Lake does not seem to think I have a problem So I doubt this helps you, but I do not think you are alone in your issue. Other than this issue, I love my AC If you find out something on the idle issue, please let me know.

Comment Post Cancel. The colder the weather the more this problem is aggrevated. You can rejet the carb and open up the idle mixture a little and it will solve your problems. I had the same problem with my Polaris Sportsman and now it will crank right up at bellow WAY better throttle response to boot!!

Does Artic Cat use Mikuni carberators on there machines? If its an EFI you should not be having these problems. I prefer carberated machines as they are easy and cheap to fix and in a pinch it can be done in the field in the middle of nowhere.

When an EFI starts acting up far away from home your in trouble!!!Also for: tbx, trv. Hard cranking. Put everything back together and check the bike, if it is still running bad, take the carb back off and move the c clip up one more slot.

Ip Man 2 in onda alle ore 14,10 su Rai4. It has fire and is getting lots of fuel. Re: Starter keeps turning even when key is in off position Trying to start on low voltage,ie low battery, jumper cables, will cause the starter solinoid contacts to weld themselves together thus causing the starter to keep running even with key off or motor running, charge the battery and change the solinoid. I did the same on my friends Arctic Cat. I hit the starter and have to push in on the trottle to get it started.

If we start the quad and then unhook the battery it stalls. Pretty new to Polaris for that matter. Has spark good compression seems to be getting fuel. You may be out riding all day and everything seems to be working correctly. That is a drain plug, with an O-ring that seals the bowl. The choke chamber is the first.

I have a yamaha big bear 4x4 Once you have it running, you can adjust it.

Why Won’t My ATV Idle Without Dying?

Now, if all of these items check out, your China ATV should be at leat trying to start. I'm a life-long Honda Arctic Cat guy. I originally thought it was only doing this when i would run through deep mudholes with water in them. It would start backfiring and sputtering at times. The cc case-reed liquid-cooled triple with counterbalancer now spins a new inch long track with 2-inch lugs.

Like a car, ATVs also have a hard time starting when it's cold. I've bypassed the button completely and the bike starts and runs perfectly when I turn the key.

He ran it out of fuel and kept trying to crank it.

Arctic Cat Stalls (150 250 300 366 375 400 500 550)

Arctic Cat General Discussion If you need to talk about the Arctic Cat Prowler and it does not fit into a more specific section down below, post it in here. I had these symptoms with a suzuki ltz Once A couple months ago, after driving for about 30 minutes or so, the engine would make a "Pfft" noise and would start popping and I would have to drive with 2 feet to keep the engine running.

Now it will bounce to rpm with the occasional flicker of the headlight and the sled may stall. Cold starting the ATV and it starts up and runs for a second perfectly fine. I kicked it into neutral and the bike continued to splutter for about 5 seconds and then stopped running.

If it still does not start, try the following. If your air conditioner won't turn on, it's important to troubleshoot a few key things before you call in an HVAC technician, as this can save you time and - more importantly - money. Right after i got my car back from my mechanic, the driving felt differently. I started it and it died about a block down the road.

Weve replaced the throttle switch the ecm the battery the carb the spark plugs the pcm or whatever basically everything weve spent alotofmomeyin repairs and still nothing. Anyone know how I can fix this? I'm thinking it may be a corroded ground? Anyone know where I could find a wiring diagram?

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What else can I check?Cold starting the ATV and it starts up and runs for a second perfectly fine. This is probably the most common question I get here in my email. This seems to be more common with machines that sit often and do not get used on a normal basis.

Fuel has more ethanol than ever before mixed in and this causes slow fuel delivery due to varnish as well as horrible running from bottom throttle up through the full throttle position.

arctic cat 400 starts but wont stay running

Gelling of the fuel occurs as quickly as a few weeks and this can cause the delivery from the tank to also be slow. Fuel needs to flow into the fuel bowl unrestricted.

Simply loosen the float bowl drain screw on your Foreman and allow a little fuel to run out into an approved container for a few seconds. This will tell you how quickly the fuel is getting into the carb. Once it has been determined that fuel is flowing into the tank you can move on to fuel delivery in the carb.

If the fuel has varnished the primary or starter jetting then you need to clean those jets. This is not a simple procedure, as the jets need serious chemical cleaning or simply be replaced. I would also look for any restrictions like kinked vent hoses on the tank or carb and any venting that provides an airway to the carburetor. On a lighter note, you could simply have water in your fuel that only gets picked up once the demand for fuel is increased.

Check all of these things out and get back to us! Story by Rick Sosebee. Get ATV. Like ATV. Email a friend Comment. Email this article to a friend x. Your Email.

Arctic cat 400 starts but wont stay running

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All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.The snow has been falling and the trails are open here in Minnesota. Before you panic, there are some steps that you can take to get your sled back on the trails. Your snowmobile engine needs three things to run- Spark, Air and Fuel.

Porsche dtc p0455

The first place that you should check is the spark plugs. To test to see if they are still working, you can remove them and then plug them back into the plug caps.

arctic cat 400 starts but wont stay running

Next, ground the plug on a head bolt and turn the motor over. If you are getting spark, you will be able to see it.

2011 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Won’t Start

If you do not get any spark or are getting a very weak spark, it is time to change your plugs. A weak plug may be able to spark in the open, but will not under the compression of the cylinder. Fortunately, most spark plugs are inexpensive. If you still do not have spark after installing new spark plugs, then you have an issue with your electrical system.

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All of these electrical components serve a crucial role in getting your sled to fire correctly. Going through and diagnosing electrical problems is a topic all on its own and could have a whole article dedicated to just that. If this is your problem and it seems out of your league, our Techs are always willing to help.

When the starting fluid or carb cleaner is sprayed in the intake of the carburetor, the engine should fire, which could then draw the gas through the fuel system. If the gas is not being drawn through, the engine will stall after it is done running off of the starting fluid.

You need to do this sparingly, though, because the starting fluid will not lubricate the engine as well as the mixed gas or oil injection of the motor. If you have over-choked the sled while trying to start it, the engine could become flooded.

One way to fix this is by turning the motor over with the choke off and spark plug out until all of the fuel has dissipated. Clean the plug and put it back in. Depending on how flooded the engine is, you could be getting more of a workout than you want.

If your sled floods out immediately or if it is not getting fuel to the combustion chamber, it is time to either clean or rebuild you carbs. Dennis Kirk has the best selection of carb kits for snowmobiles. You will also want to make sure that your fuel pump, fuel lines and filters are all in good shape as well.Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content.

I'm running out of things to check. First check spark from coil to plug. Is it turning over? If not try pull start if you have one. It's almost always something simple. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

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arctic cat 400 starts but wont stay running

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nov 27, 43 31 Yuba City,CA. Rode my 12' pc just after thanksgiving and it ran flawless. Put a different steering post on yesterday and went to fire it up and it did, fired right up but immediately dies? Every pull, fires like its gonna run just fine and dies.

So I looked around couldn't find anything and decided to give it some throttle to keep it running and now it immediately goes to about rpm soon as you pull the rope?? This is a new one on me. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk. Jan 22, 13 2 3 Smithers. Bacon Well-known member. Nov 26, 1, 1, Napoleon, ND. I'll check, I actually lowered the bars by putting in this new post but it could have got outa whack when I was swapping everything over to the new post. Chewy22 Well-known member Lifetime Membership.

Oct 17, 1, Montana. I bet it's your throttle cable, don't stretch it our wrap it around anything. WyoBoy Well-known member Lifetime Membership. Meaning without it being pushed it kills the engine at so it doesn't take off without you. Like said, the cable needs to be pushed in the throttle block. The cable should not be tight, just barely loose.

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M New member Premium Member. Nov 28, 24 1 3.


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