Abandoned junk yards in michigan

See all 25 photos. Finding a junkyard that still has old cars in it is getting harder and harder.

abandoned junk yards in michigan

I know of a handful that have disappeared within the past few years. That doesn't mean they're all gone, though. I was fortunate enough that a gentleman gave me a tip about a yard in Michigan that still had a ton of cool muscle cars, even though I didn't realize it at the time. I was in Detroit for a week doing some work, and I had a day free to do anything I wanted.

I did what I always do: I looked to The Map. If you haven't seen or heard of The Map before, it is a web-based map that allows me to pin items onto it. Every lead, story, and tip I get goes on The Map for a future adventure. Some call it a treasure map; I just call it The Map.

abandoned junk yards in michigan

I looked over The Map to see what I had not hit yet. I saw a variety of interesting leads north of Detroit, so that's where I headed. Sadly, most of the spots were either closed, full of newer cars, or had cars that were crushed. But there was one more spot to visit, a place I had heard was "worth the trip. There was also a collection of other nonautomotive vehicles and projects easily viewable. After pulling in and being greeted by a gentleman, the first thing I spotted walking into the yard was a Camaro SS convertible nearly buried in spare wood and other pieces of miscellaneous stuff.

This piqued my interest and made me think that this place would be much more interesting than I first thought! Walking the short road to the main yard, we passed a variety of mini-bikes, motorcycles, and other small motorized vehicles on one side; on the other was a pond with a bit of land between the road and the pond.

Between were more random vehicles, but one stuck out above all else, a Mustang GT fastback with the rear end hanging out over the pond.

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That did not do the poor car any favors. The owner was kind enough to point out that if I did any funny business I would end up at the bottom of that pond, and we kept walking. Just off to our right entering the yard was a GTO and a Corvette.

I popped the hood on the GTO, and there staring back at me were two four-barrel carburetors. This had been someone's hot rod at some point. And it was complete as well. Walking into the yard, I saw all sorts of cool cars scattered about.

A Chevelle up on top of a bus. A four-door Pontiac Catalina. A Mustang SportsRoof just sitting in the weeds. Then I spied something special, but it was not easy to get to. On top of a group of buses was a Mach 1 Mustang. One of my all-time favorite cars, this was even in the right color. But how to get a closer look at it? I found a tow truck that I was able to shimmy my way up in to get a good view of the car.

From afar it was a good-looking car, but up close it was bad, very bad.Michigan, in all its post-industrial and forested glory, has its fair share of ghosts. In Detroit, tens of thousands of abandoned structures are being torn down or renovated at a rate not previously seen.

But strange and creepy abandoned relics can still be admired elsewhere throughout the state, usually because the cost of demolition is just too high. Here are 12 Michigan sites that have long been left to the wild. Munising This lighthouse first shone over the icy waters of Lake Superior inbut due to low visibility, its duties were relinquished to newer lighthouses and it was officially retired just 40 years later. The wooden construction appears to have stood the test of time and still serves as a point of interest for tourists who can pass by its aging frame via sea kayak or boat.

During its heyday, BIZ was home to polar bears, kangaroos, elephants, etc. Big changes for the zoo are rumored to be happening since the island became a state park inbut for now it remains a place of mystery and echoes of the past.

Today, despite talk that a new owner plans to bring the park back to life, the dinosaurs still lurk albeit a little worse for wear amidst the unkempt vegetation and eerily quiet woods. Detroit It took more than eight years to construct this 3.

The majority of the factory closed inwith some businesses using the property through the s and dwindling to the final tenant who packed up in It collapsed into this. South Manitou Island The Great Lakes hold plenty of shipwrecks, but none are as visible to the naked eye as the Francisco Morazan, a foot-long German-built cargo ship that ran aground on South Manitou Island during a snowstorm on Lake Michigan in Following the loss, a private company was hired to salvage the cargo but only came out with five tons of canned chicken though islanders were able to salvage more in later yearsand today the wreck is state property, guarded by a battalion of vocal and foul-smelling cormorants.

Marquette This gargantuan edifice once accommodated children, classrooms, dormitories, playrooms, a dining hall, and other facilities.

World’s Largest Old Car Junkyard: Old Car City U.S.A.

Renovation efforts have been underway since the summer ofso it's only a matter of time before this place reopens as a modern apartment building, but ask yourself this question: can a fresh coat of paint really overwrite that much spooky history?

Used by the US Navy for bombing practice during World War II, it is now considered an endangered lighthouse due to lack of upkeep and ownership. Most of these communities relocated about 70 years later; while not all the towns are abandoned, they are indeed under inhabited. Check out the Keweenaw Time Traveler on your next trip for a map of the various buildings and mining sites.

Though more is missing than remains at the grounds of Eloise, the leftovers are still touted by paranormal experts as one of the most haunted locations in Michigan. Eloise served as a mental institution also a tuberculosis sanitarium and a poorhouse at some point for more than years. Knowing what we know about the history of mental health treatment in the country of the freedom eagle, you can imagine a series of unfortunate events occurred behind these walls. Detroit Now that the Packard Plant has been bought and sits in varied stages of demolition, crumbling and planned renovation, Fisher Body Plant 21 may well be the reigning king of Detroit's abandoned factories.

At the corner of Piquette and Antoine, this factory for Fisher vehicles which was eventually dissolved into General Motors was designed by famed architect Albert Kahn and built inand was in service until The neglected space has been utilized as a canvas for graffiti artists, and even installation artists who have created some pretty unique happenings inside. Built init served its purpose for about 30 years before being closed up.Then a bit farther in I see a box Nova, then an Oldsmobile or 2 along with what looks like a Cougar convertible from what I can tell from the tail lights.

Even a good old Volkswagen Beetle but, it is in some pretty bad shape. All the cars seem to be parked kinda half-assed and not in any particular order? I feel that he must be greedy ii think he is rude or just greedy to shut this yard down only to let these cars just rot an weather away like that to not cumancate with people is sign of a mental problem! I think abandoned junkyards are pretty cool.

I would love to go to one soon. I'm sure you can find all sorts of parts in junkyards. As it turns out it is a acre yard that is permanently closed to the public. Why someone would close a junkyard with this many vehicles still in it is beyond me.

However, you then see a Mustang or 2 so you know it may have some later model stuff there? Then you see a Maverick, something that looks like an early Fairlane and then over to what looks like a fairly solid Edsel believe it or not?

Author: trc. Sign in. Post comment. Newest Oldest. I live in Michigan, would love to see this junkyard. Can you tell me where it is?Fifty miles north of Atlanta, a acre compound houses one of the largest car collections in the world.

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There are no immaculate Mercedes or Bentleys proudly displayed behind velvet ropes. Most of this collection is unsalvageable midcentury American steel, and it lays strewn about a forested property in rural Georgia.

Michigan Junkyard Turns Up Some Buried Muscle Car Treasure

Sometimes-Interesting teams up with a fellow blogger to explore the what and why behind Old Car City U. Photos courtesy Galen Dalrymple. Old Car City began in as a general store, opened by the family of current owner Dean Lewis. When the United States entered World War II, resources such as steel and tires became scarce as they were directed toward the war effort.

The Lewis family smartly followed the money and shifted the business into scrapping cars; by the late s the general store had morphed into an auto salvage yard. But Dean had a different vision for the business; rather than profit off the destruction of cars he wanted to preserve their legacies.

Dean would eventually acquire the family business in and spent the next several decades acquiring various junked and wrecked vehicles without the intent to scrap them. It was a bold move and possibly disastrous business decision, but Dean is not normal — and he is proud of it.

His favorite car is a coupe. Lewis also likes Lincolns and admits he may have more of those than any other make. Inside the main office are the nicer and rarer vehicles, including one of Mr. Collectible oddities and other Americana help create the vintage atmosphere inside. Lewis decorates them after his morning coffee, and has been doing this for the last 30 years. Antique toys, bicycles, school buses, and tractors have become staples of the Old Car City as well.

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A Cartersville Grand Theater marquis sits in the yard. Dean says he stopped counting after 4, Three separate lots contain the cars, scattered across 34 acres.

Behind the main building are 6. Every vehicle has its own story, many discernable by the condition of the car.A scrap title is issued to a vehicle that has one or more major component parts such as bumpers, fenders, transmission, engine, hood, doors, frame, tailgate, body, etc.

Abandoned Junkyard in Michigan

The owner's insurance company will determine the amount of damage to the vehicle. After a scrap title is issued, the vehicle may be used only for parts or scrap metal. It cannot be re-titled or returned to the road using the existing vehicle identification number. An insurance company acquiring ownership of a late-model scrap vehicle through payment of damages must apply for an original scrap title using an Application for Original Michigan Scrap Title TR form.

An individual owner can voluntarily title a vehicle with a scrap title, regardless of the amount of damage. The law does not require that a damage estimate be provided with the scrap title application from an individual vehicle owner.

Scrap Titles for Older-Model Vehicles. An older-model distressed vehicle is not required to be titled as a salvage or scrap vehicle. When scrapped by a dealer, the dealer uses the TR-9 form to transfer the vehicle to a scrap metal processor. When an insurance company acquires ownership of an older-model vehicle, a salvage or scrap title is not required. The insurance company simply receives the title from the insured and reassigns the title upon resale of the vehicle. When an individual sells an older-model vehicle as scrap or junk and the owner does not want the vehicle back on the road, the owner should complete the seller's assignment on the title and write the word "scrap" or "junk" on the front of the title.

Writing 'scrap" or "junk" on the face of the title guarantees the vehicle cannot be titled again. If the individual turns the scrap title and vehicle over to a dealer, the dealer other than a D, F, or G dealer can reassign the title to another dealer for parts.

However, no title will be issued. If the vehicle is being taken to a recycling center or junkyard, the owner should give the title marked "scrap" or "junk" to the junkyard operator. Individual owners who wish to junk or scrap a vehicle without turning the vehicle over to a recycling center or junkyard and wish to cancel the title should write "JUNK" on the face of the title and mail the title to:. Once a scrap title is issued, the vehicle may be used only for parts or scrap metal. It cannot be titled again except as an assembled vehicle, when it will be issued a unique vehicle identification number.

A scrap-titled vehicle must be first completely dismantled, with all major component parts removed from the frame or unitized body supporting structure, before the frame or unitized body structure may be used as part of an assembled vehicle. To qualify for an assembled vehicle title, a vehicle assembled from scrap vehicle parts must be made up of major component parts from two or more vehicles.

An assembled vehicle may not include both the frame or unitized body supporting structure and any other major component part from the same scrap-titled vehicle. An individual, business, or dealer may submit applications for scrap titles either at a local Secretary of State branch office or directly to Lansing, Michigan.

When using the direct mail method, send all documents, fees, and the TR application and a RD if a dealer to:.

abandoned junk yards in michigan

Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. The Office of. Close Search Box. Official Website of Michigan. Scrap Titles A scrap title is issued to a vehicle that has one or more major component parts such as bumpers, fenders, transmission, engine, hood, doors, frame, tailgate, body, etc.

Scrap Titles for Late-Model Vehicles A late-model vehicle is defined as: A vehicle 8, pounds or less manufactured in one of the last six model years, or A vehicle 8, pounds or more manufactured in one of the last 16 model years. Insurance Companies An insurance company acquiring ownership of a late-model scrap vehicle through payment of damages must apply for an original scrap title using an Application for Original Michigan Scrap Title TR form.

If the insurance company takes ownership of the vehicle, the insurance company applies for the scrap title in its name. The insurance company may allow the owner to keep the scrap vehicle if the owner wants it. In this case the title is not transferred to the insurance company.Our website provides salvage yards in Michigan and its surroundings. Locate here all the information of the best junk yards for autos, motorcycles and vans in this state : telephone numbers, addresses, sites Another great source of low-cost car parts is salvage vehicles provided by insurance companies.

Very often these vehicles have their parts almost intact and can help to repair your car almost completely. Then, we give you the very best 10 existing junkyards in Michigan, those that have approved our quality checklist and additionally have been verified by the employees.

Feel free to visit them in order to locate the service you require. You won't regret! You can save a lot of money on the reparation of your beloved auto by purchasing second-hand spares with warranty in this well-known in Linwood surroundings junk yard.

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People were nice and great service and Larry from hoopers in Linwood are great thanks again Joshua. Awesome I will be calling them again and they will become my parts finding family I would go there if I were u from Joshua and Christina.

You can talk with the helpful owners of this business using these means: email, phone or tollfree. In order to buy the best quality auto parts in the municipality of Jenison Michiganthey are an ineludible choice. They work from Monday to Friday. The best way to economize hundreds of dollars on spare parts for your car is by approaching a vehicle salvage yard, and this is a great option in the Brighton area.

More info: They work from Monday to Friday. Visitors can locate this junk yard in the neighborhood of the town of Detroit Michigan. Its main business model is the sale of vehicle parts at the lowest prices in the state and providing all the guarantees that you may wish.

If you need to get in touch with them, you can do it by these methods: email and phone. This business is situated in Ypsilanti Michigan and it's offering high quality auto parts to its potential clients in the vicinity. In case you need to request an estimation for your used vehicle or ask for a specific junk part, you can get in touch with them using phone.

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